Aldworth School

Building bright futures

Aldworth School is a secondary school in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Aldworth was going through a significant period of change. Our objective was to design a new brand identity that would challenge the local community’s perception of the school and signal a new era.

Keen to steer away from traditional shields and crests, we developed a modern and dynamic symbol to accompany the school name. The symbol consists of a formation of upwards-facing arrows. Arrows, associated with achievement and aiming high, perfectly illustrate the school’s vision of ‘Building Bright Futures’. Each individual arrow represents a pupil being given the opportunity to flourish and grow, and unified they represent the students coming together to contribute to the school’s shared vision.

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Aldworth School Branding
Aldworth School Logo
Aldworth School Logo Icon
Aldworth School Example Lanyard

The school wanted to keep their primary colour of navy but were eager to introduce a new complementary colour. We chose to add a bright teal accent, which has helped the school to stand out in the local community and signal the change they needed to promote. This colour has been adopted throughout and it looks great on the school tie!

We also created a brand style guide to ensure a consistent approach is adopted across all channels. The result is a brand identity that reflects the school’s forward-thinking vision and values. Our work has been important in changing the perception of the school and helping parents believe that Aldworth aspires to bright futures for the community.

Aldworth School Brand Guidelines
Aldworth School Example Branding

"Aldworth School had a declining reputation and with new leadership it was felt that rebranding the school was a priority to challenge the community's views and signal that change was underway. Lynne provided us with a range of logo options and responded well to feedback on the original proposals before we settled on the final logo. The logo managed to be reflective of our name, our aspiration but avoided being too corporate. Lynne provided us with a style guide and colours which we have now incorporated into the uniform and decoration around the school. Lynne's work has been important in changing the perception of the school and helping parents believe that Aldworth aspires for bright futures for the community."


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